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At PAIDSO (NIGERRIA) NETWORK, (PNgN), you get the products and services you need for your personal, professional, business and other types of development. It is multi-faceted platform designed to take care of different categories of clients and customers with different kinds of demands such as Information Technology (IT), E-commerce, Business Development & Support.

Exceptional E-commerce Platform for Sellers and Buyers

This is an all-inclusive E-commerce platform for buyers and sellers. Sell anything possible online. Sell your own products and services in our platform. You can sell both digital and physical products. You can also sell your professional services as an accountant, legal practitioner,estate agent, contractor, etc. As a business owner, business dealer, shop/store owner or any kind of business person, you could find this place useful for you. And if you are looking to buy or product or get a service, this platform can also be of assistance to you. You can get your own store to sell various types of products and services with your customers and clients buying directly from your own shop including selling services such as graphic design, typesetting, social media management, etc.

Extant Information and Communication Technology

Transform your company, business, corporation, firm or organization with current and up to date information and communication technological tools and facilities at a very affordable prices. We can facilitate whatever you are engaged in with the following of our services *Professional Website design, development and maintenance *Mobile and Web Apps development and maintenance *Digital Customer Care Service Representing *Computer Networking and Internet/Intranet services *Digital (Audio-visual) Teaching Aids for lessons *Smart boards installation and maintenance *Organization Digitalizing *Social Media Management *Digital Marketing and Advertising

Exclusive Business Development & Business Support

Do you intend to start any type of digital business? We are here to help you get started as soon as possible. We offer both professional business development and business support services. If you need to take your business to the next level of advancement, we are also here to assist you get the best at a ridiculously affordable rate. Find a companion in business analysis, purchasing and sales of businesses, business start-up, business propagation, etc. We also help you with consultancy services on how to get/raise capital to get started with your dream business, the advance it to the next level of growth and development and to even sell it or to completely change your line of business.

Some of our satisfied partners, users, customers and clients

"What I love about this company is the highly considerate price they offer with high quality of values they give. So far I have been very satisfied with what I am getting here."
Anthony Onoja
“I have tried to do real and genuine business online and offline for years but had failed each time I tried. But when I came to PNgN I found a real means of extra income"
Judith Gabriel
Business Owner

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